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World premiere above the rooftops of Munich with Sonja Kiefer & KP Kofler

Bauknecht presents “Fashion meets Food”

April 2015: Bauknecht chose an unprecedented setting for the world première of its new products in the fields of laundry care and food storage on April 21st – an international lifestyle event with an exclusive catwalk show, a star-studded expert panel discussion and an exhibition of objects specially put together for the occasion. Star designer Sonja Kiefer and celebrity caterer KP Kofler presented works especially created for Bauknecht on the 10th floor of one of the hottest Munich locations and discussed with Bauknecht manager Vladimir Cherevko about the latest trends in the fields of fashion and food.

Karen Webb, KP Kofler, Sonja Kiefer and Vladimir Cherevko Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  

TV presenter Karen Webb hosted the discussion, which very soon revealed that the fashion, catering and household appliance sectors have a lot in common. They answer the increasing demands of their customers with top quality, a pronounced awareness of fashion and pioneering innovation.

“Bauknecht identifies customer needs and incorporates them into the design process directly,” says Vladimir Cherevko, Whirlpool Marketing Director Brands & Consumer Insights. “In order for us to focus uncompromisingly on the consumer we always gather our inspiration from a variety of fields – the ‘Fashion meets Food’ event promotes this exchange of ideas at an international level and once more shows Bauknecht’s premium aspiration and pioneering role.”
Catwalk of Features
The 80 guest journalists from all over Europe were thrilled by the “Catwalk of Features”. The première evening kicked off with selected collection pieces from Sonja Kiefer. What really stole the show was the way in which the designer sent her models out on the catwalk with accessories symbolising the functions of the latest PremiumCare and Ultimate NoFrost appliances from Bauknecht. For example, a model suspended above the audience in a shower of soap bubbles embodied “SoftMove” functionality – this technology ensures optimum care for colours, fibres and shape in the new PremiumCare washing machine with drum movements adapted to the wash load.
In contrast, a model in a breezy full skirt and wearing angel’s wings symbolised “3D AirCare”, the innovative air flow system that enables the PremiumCare dryer to dry even woollens particularly evenly and gently. And the bouquet of flowers with concealed LED illumination carried by a model in a sequin dream in the third part of the show represented the innovative lighting system that provides an optimum view of the complete interior of the new Ultimate NoFrost fridge-freezer. The dramatic fashion show combined with the innovative functions of the new appliances from Bauknecht was not the only surprise of the evening.
Catwalk of Features – A model presented the SoftMove technology Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
Dialogue at a high level
Following on from the Catwalk of Features, Bauknecht presented a high-calibre panel discussion presided over by the German-British TV presenter Karen Webb and featuring three very different industries that only on closer inspection show how much they share in common. “At Bauknecht we know that textiles and food are things very close to people’s hearts – at a physical level as well as at an emotional one. Consumers have very definite ideas as to how these products should be,” explained Vladimir Cherevko. “Fashion is actually very important for people’s self-image,” said Sonja Kiefer, taking up the idea. “The time for elaborate dresses is long gone. Quality in clothing today means smart and wearable around the clock. That’s why I have included washable and crease-free dresses in my collection. But they also need the right laundry care to look new for as long as possible in daily life.” A requirement that Bauknecht appliances naturally meet.
Panel discussion – Karen Webb, KP Kofler, Sonja Kiefer and Vladimir Cherevko Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
Street food on everybody’s lips
Star caterer KP Kofler stressed just how important a flair for customer wishes and industry trends is. “We have to identify developments at a very early stage. I gain inspiration for example from a megacity like Bangkok with its street corner kitchens and the many markets selling regional specialities. But other cities are developing their own extremely exciting culinary culture, too. We have incorporated these sources of inspiration into our Street Food collection.”
And KP Kofler brought an impressive sample of this to the Flying Buffet at the première evening – spectacular re-interpretations of dishes from very different cultures such as Turkish dürüm, British fish and chips and American hamburger were given a premium makeover. The food installation created by KP Kofler for the event gave a glimpse of today’s cutting edge street food pieces. “Innovative refrigerators are essential if you want to serve delicate foodstuffs at peak freshness – whether in professional catering or in the home,” added Kofler with a nod towards Bauknecht. And so Sonja Kiefer, KP Kofler and Vladimir Cherevko, the representatives of three very different fields that are responding to the increasing demands of their customers with top quality, distinct fashion consciousness and pioneering innovation – came together to share the stage.
KP Kofler presented his Bauknecht Food Creation Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
Premium design for everyday life
Star designer Sonja Kiefer stunned the audience with an exclusive It-piece specially designed for the event. “I’m a perfectionist in demanding beauty in the things around me – and it was both a joy and a challenge to dress in everyday articles.” She presented a wicker basket artistically braided with precious textiles in a departure from the pure fashion field. “A laundry basket should no longer need to hide away,” Sonja Kiefer explains. “It should become an accessory that people like to look at and should take its place as a decorative object beside the washing machine or in the bathroom.” The designer also demonstrated her versatility with her installation as part of the exhibition on the sidelines of “Fashion meets Food”, combining the PremiumCare appliance with metres of expertly interlaced dresses in a room-high, three-dimensional framework. Washing machine and dryer, already bearing two design prizes at their market launch, thus became objects of art and symbols of optimum Bauknecht laundry care. The exhibition that had been especially put together for this event and featuring video animation, a photo show and the designer installation brought the motto of “Fashion meets Food” to life and provided the perfect stage for the three new appliances.
Sonja Kiefer presented an It-Piece designed especially for the occasion Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
Three stars in the limelight
The evening’s other leading roles were played by the new PremiumCare washing machine, the PremiumCare dryer and the Ultimate NoFrost fridge-freezer from Bauknecht.
Exhibition – The PremiumCare Washer and Dryer Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
The three new appliances do not just make everyday life easier with their innovative technology, they also save money and protect the environment thanks to their extreme efficiency.
Extra-gentle laundry care without creasing, a direct-drive motor that is as quiet as a whisper, the lowest water consumption on the market – with its PremiumCare washing machine and PremiumCare dryer, Bauknecht is introducing two new appliances that as a duo set new standards in design and technology. PremiumCare has garnered the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award.
Ultimate NoFrost is the revolution in refrigeration and freezing, offering the ideal cool environment for storing food. The refrigerator and freezer compartments each have their own, independent NoFrost system that completely prevents ice formation.
Bauknecht is setting standards with its appliances – innovative technologies offer genuine added value such as unrivalled efficiency, absolute reliability and perfect results,” adds Vladimir Cherevko, Whirlpool Marketing Director Brands & Consumer Insights. “Bauknecht goes the famous extra mile when it comes to finish with high-quality materials, outstanding design and intuitive operation.”
Exhibition – The Ultimate NoFrost devices and KP Kofler’s Bauknecht Food Creation Photo: Sabine Brauer Photos  
Following the official programme, Bauknecht product managers underlined the benefits of the PremiumCare and Ultimate NoFrost products in face-to-face discussions. The evening was rounded off with a Flying Buffet and live music.
More than technology
With its “Fashion meets Food” event, Bauknecht initiated a whole new dimension in product presentation. The company placed special focus on the benefits for consumers, showing PremiumCare and Ultimate NoFrost in the dynamic environment of the modern home that evolves and changes along with the situation of the people living there. This approach made a big impression on the international audience and emphasised one thing – in future household appliances will be an expression of lifestyle, setting visual accents as a statement of their owners. And Bauknecht is at the forefront of this development.
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Product Information: No. 1 for best garment care - unprecedented silent and efficient 1

Enter into New Spheres of Washing with PremiumCare

April 2015: Extra-gentle laundry care without creasing, a direct-drive motor that is as quiet as a whisper, the lowest water consumption on the market and innovative technologies that save money and protect the environment – with its PremiumCare washing machine and PremiumCare dryer, Bauknecht is introducing two new appliances that as a duo set new standards in design and technology: PremiumCare won the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015.

Household appliances are nowadays an expression of lifestyle. Besides absolute reliability and intuitive operation, consumers attach increasing importance to the aspect of design. Living and utility spaces are merging and instead of being consigned to the basement, washing machine and dryer are being integrated with existing furniture. They set a visual accent and make a statement about their owner. The operating noise generated by household appliances also plays a major role in times of ever more limited living space.

Bauknecht has always kept its ears open – a dialogue with consumers helps to identify needs and leads to the development of pioneering solutions. The result in 2015 is called PremiumCare. Winning the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015 is once more a confirmation of the unique aesthetic appeal of Bauknecht appliances. The two internationally recognized design awards are among the largest in the world - their seals stand for outstanding design achievements.
ZEN technology – quieter than ever before

The new direct-drive ZEN motor makes the PremiumCare washing machine particularly quiet and cuts vibration to a minimum. It sits like a disc on the rear of the drum and transmits its power directly without a drive belt. This innovative single unit of motor and drum ensures maximum efficiency and reliability. SoftMove matches the movements and speed of the drum exactly to the selected programme and thus to the laundry load. Shape, colour and fibres receive the best possible care thanks to the extremely gentle structure of the large PremiumCare drum, which can accommodate up to 12 kg of washing depending on the model. After the washing cycle finishes, FreshFinish reliably prevents creases and folds through regular movement of the washing for up to six hours.

Extreme running smoothness, unrivalled economy and symmetrical design: PremiumCare from Bauknecht is a statement
Bauknecht provides a lifelong warranty on the ZEN motor.2 With operating noise of 45/46 dBA during the washing cycle and 66/68 dBA during spinning, and in combination with the sound-insulated design side panels, it makes the PremiumCare washing machine quieter and calmer than all other washing machines currently available.3
PremiumCare: ecologically unbeatable
Bauknecht makes an active contribution to the sustainability debate with its resource-saving technologies. Water and washing detergent are pre-mixed and sprayed onto the washing through jets in the drum – the PremiumCare washing machine with CleverClean not only cares for garments with the best rinsing results4 but also achieves top marks, which is something Bauknecht is very proud of: PremiumCare delivers the lowest water consumption on the market5 – protecting the household budget and the environment.
Intuitively comprehensible: central control panel with rotary-push buttons

Moreover, Bauknecht sets an example with regard to the excessive use of washing detergent with CleverDose. Around 630,000 tonnes of washing detergent are used in Germany alone each year. This equates to around eight kilogrammes per capita.6 In contrast to popular perception, using excessive washing detergent does not bring about better washing results but only higher costs and an avoidable burden for the environment. CleverDose helps to save up to 12 litres7 of washing detergent each year. The washing machine determines the amount of liquid detergent and softener actually required and dispenses them automatically from the integrated tank. Alternatively, the appliance will recommend a customised amount adapted to the washing load via the innovative EcoMonitor. At the same time the EcoMonitor gives feedback on the energy and water likely to be required and helps to find the optimum and most economical programme.


1Testing among the leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG shows Bauknecht as the best in an accelerated fiber garment aging test on half load in mixed program 40°C or comparable (Test Report Nr. 20141117, Dec 2014).
220 years warranty on the motor – considering an average durability of a washing machine of 10 years.
3Zen Technology has the lowest sound level on the market in spinning noise up to 10kg capacity up to 1400rpm (status Dec 2014).
4In the cotton programme 40° C, at 80% loading of the 8 kg machine, 45 mg NaOH and 100 liters of water consumption is achieved in the wash cycle. Cycle time 3 hrs. 20 min. plus extra rinse / intensive rinsing. Compared to the competition flushing technology (based on internal tests. Status December 2014).
5 In Eco cotton program (normative) compared to the competition in the same capacity class based on the specified energy label year water consumption (Status December 2014).
7Compared to a traditional Bauknecht washer without CleverDose technology at 4 kg load per cycle with high concentrated detergent and medium level of dirt, considering an average family of four people.

Product Information: Unprecedented gentle and efficient: PremiumCare from Bauknecht

No. 1 in Soft Care Drying1

April 2015: The largest drum on the market with space for the largest laundry loads, a special care programme even for woollens2 and a drive that is as quiet as a whisper and never disturbs the peace – uncompromising laundry care with the new PremiumCare dryer from Bauknecht. Thanks to optimum air temperature control, many innovative technologies and a drum that is gentle on textiles, these appliances dry and care for your laundry simultaneously. PremiumCare won the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015.

Users like it simple. And with its PremiumCare dryer, Bauknecht is introducing a designer piece that is child’s play to operate. The new dryers offer many clever functions to help users in everyday life and are now quieter than ever. The sound-insulated side panels together with Carcoustic technology used in the automotive industry reduce the operating noise of the PremiumCare dryer to only 65 dBA.

Powerful and quiet: the PremiumCare dryer from Bauknecht
The highlight of the PremiumCare dryer is its stainless steel drum – with a volume of 121 litres it is the largest on the market, can handle up to 10 kg of laundry in one go and is especially easy to load thanks to its extra large opening. Bauknecht knows that outstanding laundry care requires space and for this reason has increased the drum’s volume. Now, items of washing can move around even more while drying, with impressive results. The curved lifters with integrated air jets are gentle on laundry and ensure optimum warm air distribution throughout the drum.
The interplay of technologies
That favourite cosy pullover, the shirt worn just once for a dinner or the blouse for the house-warming party – the PremiumCare dryer offers the ideal programme for every situation.
All functions intuitively under control: the PremiumCare dryer's control panel with rotary-push button
3D Aircare is the basis for efficiency and care in the PremiumCare dryer. This innovative airflow system dries washing evenly and particularly gently and allows additional clever functions: With WoolPerfection, the appliance offers a unique programme that can even be used to dry woollen garments.2 No additional accessories are needed thanks to the reverse rotation of the drum that is specially designed for sensitive fabrics. SteamCare cares for, evens out and freshens up textiles perfectly – simply with the power of steam.
A special add-on is the RefreshingBall bringing a fresh scent to the laundry – filled with water, it emits water vapour during the refreshing process, reliably eliminating odour. Bauknecht also offers a range of optional fragrances for the RefreshingBallwhich can be used during both, drying and refreshing cycle.  
New awareness for modern times
Energy efficiency has become the main criterion for consumers when purchasing new household appliances in view of increasing energy prices and a growing environmental awareness. Bauknecht uses an extremely effective heat pump technology in its PremiumCare dryers that allows up to 68% energy savings3 – enabling the appliance to achieve energy efficiency class A+++. The EcoMonitor provides additional instructions – the innovative display gives feedback on the energy likely to be required by a programme and helps to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
As for looks: wow!
The dryer shows its full strength in the design field when combined with the PremiumCare washing machine. Both appliances are winners of the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015. The two internationally recognized design awards are among the largest in the world - their seals stand for outstanding design achievements.

Dryer and washing machine are visually coordinated – they are built on the same platform and complement each other perfectly: placed next to each other, their doors open in opposite directions.


1 Testing among leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG (Test Report Nr. 20130293) showed Bauknecht technology as the best in an accelerated garment aging test based on IFU-recommended load in mixed program or comparable. (Status August 2014). Furthermore the testing among leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG (Test Report Nr. 20130292, May 2013) showed Bauknecht technology as having the best drying performance in dryable wool based on IFU-recommended wool load size (Status August 2014).
2 Testing among leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG (Test Report Nr. 20130292, May 2013) showed Bauknecht technology as having the best drying performance in dryable wool based on IFU-recommended wool load size (Status August 2014).
3 With reference to the weighted annual energy consumption of a Bauknecht equivalent appliance in B class. Based on energy efficiency index (Energy label 2014).


Product Information: The No. 1 in fresh and frozen food preservation 1

Refrigeration and freezing without compromise

April 2015: The ideal fresh climate for storing food, a cleverly compartmentalised interior and absolutely no ice formation in the refrigerator or freezer compartment - Ultimate NoFrost represents a revolution in refrigeration and freezing: with its new fridge/freezer combination, Bauknecht is unveiling a device that adapts to consumers’ needs and which helps to save time and money thanks to intelligent technologies.

Bauknecht is constantly engaged in dialogue with consumers across the whole of Europe - and they all agree: refrigerators need to be reliable and long-lasting, they need to offer as much space as possible and conserve fresh as well as frozen foods as effectively as possible. Bauknecht is addressing these demands with the latest technologies in an exceptional, premium design: the new Ultimate NoFrost fridge/freezer combination combines elegance and technology.

Strong performance and design: Ultimate NoFrost from Bauknecht

Effective against ice
The laborious, time-consuming task of defrosting is a job that no freezer owner relishes. With Ultimate NoFrost, Bauknecht has perfected existing technologies to effectively combat ice: the refrigerator and freezer compartments each have their own, independent NoFrost system that completely prevents ice formation. The active moisture control prevents ice crystals from forming on the back wall, the moisture of the air inside the appliance is reduced and no frost forms on the food. For consumers, this means never having to defrost the freezer again. With the latest generation of NoFrost appliances, the separate cooling circuits also means no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer sections.
For longer-lasting freshness: ProFresh
Bauknecht’s innovative ProFresh technology permanently monitors conditions inside the refrigerator: temperature and moisture in the air are maintained at ideal levels. This means that food stays fresh for longer, no matter which shelf it is stored on inside the refrigerator.2 Another feature that can be activated optionally is the Zero° BioZone, designed to protect meat and fish at temperatures close to zero degrees centigrade.3 With ProFresh, food not only looks fresher for longer, it actually remains fresher as well.
Fighting freezer burns: ProFreeze
As they freeze, foods lose moisture - which becomes apparent as they defrost by the formation of “snow” on their surface. Meat, bread and ice cream in particular lose their freshness. But even the colour, texture, odour and flavour of food already frozen can be badly affected. Bauknecht’s answer to this problem is ProFreeze: the unique algorithm prevents temperature fluctuations inside the freezer, reducing the amount of moisture lost from the food. Each time the door is opened, the ideal temperature is restored as quickly as possible - keeping foods frozen and safe much more effectively. ProFreeze technology ensures maximum flavour and an appetising appearance with up to 50% less freezer burns.4
Designed down to the last detail
The large interior with first-class materials and flawless finish can be used to the full, thanks to its clever layout: all of the shelves and balconies can be adjusted in multiple ways. Accessories such as the butter and egg compartment, the cheese box or the vegetable drawer offer the perfect storage place for every food. Details such as the metal wine rack and drawer inserts and the innovative QuickIce tray round off the exclusive features of the Ultimate NoFrost fridge/freezer combination.
The freezer section especially benefits from the new cooling technology: the slats between the drawers have been replaced by glass shelves. Once these are taken away, for example, there’s enough space to freeze an entire goose.
The appliance offers maximum flexibility thanks to its flush-fitting door, wherever it is fitted: positioned directly against the wall or next to another appliance, the door can be fully opened and the drawers can be pulled out all the way.

Complete control at your fingertips: the Touch user interface on the Ultimate NoFrost fridge/freezer combination

Intuitive and clear to operate
The upright user interface with Touch technology is located in the door’s upper section and offers access to all the functions of the Ultimate NoFrost fridge/freezer combination.
The interior light ensures absolutely even light distribution – depending on the appliance, the LEDs illuminate not just from above, but also from the sides and from the back wall of the fridge. This “theatre light” ensures that everything remains in view even when the refrigerator is full. Furthermore, LEDs require significantly less electricity than conventional light bulbs, generate no heat and last up to ten times as long.
1 Based on internal food tests conducted by Bauknecht, measuring reduction of food weight loss and decolouration driven by ProFresh and ProFreeze technologies (status: November 2014)
2 Based on internal food tests conducted by Bauknecht, comparing a Bauknecht fridge-freezer with ProFresh technology to a Bauknecht fridge-freezer with single evaporator Total NoFrost technology.
3 Based on internal food tests conducted by Bauknecht, comparing a Bauknecht fridge-freezer with Zero° BioZone technology to a Bauknecht fridge-freezer without Zero° BioZone technology.
4 Based on results of SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, an independent institute, comparing a Bauknecht fridge-freezer with ProFreeze technology to a Bauknecht fridge-freezer without ProFreeze technology.

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